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Blessings and Stress, Building Success

I always love to read those letters people put together at the beginning of the New Year. It seems time passes so swiftly and many of the people we know and care about, or those whose adventures we like to follow, have drifted away and it gives us a chance to catch up. A quiet moment spent reading a note that brings smiles, sometimes tears, and often times a renewed sense of: It’s a new slate, a new beginning, let’s go get ’em!  So, here I am on my blog writing my note about this past year. (a little late too! but it has been busy!!)

On a personal side my big events were: wedding, and off to school.  I married off my oldest beautiful daughter, Cassandra Skylar to a wonderful man from Peru’. She has finished her Masters degree and is making a great contribution to the world as a social worker. Her hubby Ruben is currently obtaining his Master degree as well and will bless a lucky congregation as pastor.  It was a wonderful event that brought lots of joy and floods of memories. Gone is my girly with the little ringlets who loved to run the house in her undies. (sorry Cass). Our youngest, Raven Leigh is now a sophomore in college, moved out this fall, and is pulling in a near 4.0 while studying the field of Speech Pathology. I am truly blessed as a mother. Oh, I can’t forget my new dog – or the old one! We were grieved to have lost our fabulous Scruffy the labradoodle of 9 years. 😦 He was about the smartest and most loyal dog I ever knew.  Just a few months ago we have added Abbott, AKA #AbbottTheRealtorDog. Lol. He accompanies me to work most days and loves to pester the cats. 🙂

One year ago I was just beginning my dream of becoming one of Mid-Michigan’s best and well known Realtors and establishing my new property investment company…. formulating a dream of success, figuring out the keys to unlock the doors of a new level.  It became so much more than that. As I began working with Gary Holt of Holt Marketing & Management, I realized there’s a whole lot more to it than just a business plan.  He made me study myself. I can’t tell you the countless hours I spent testing, researching, etc. both myself and the dynamics of others. I needed to find out my strengths and weaknesses as a person in order to better be able to serve my clients. It isn’t just about the advertising, but about serving people, gaining trust, providing excellent customer service, answering questions, honesty, and being real and being available.

Once I began to understand myself on a personal level, we began to formulate a very specific plan. Then we began the process of working with Rich, also of Holt, to build a brand around me. That was an adventure too! I have been so pleased with the results from both Gary and Rich. Not only was “Your Real Estate Matchmaker – Connecting Buyers and Sellers for a Perfect Match” born, but the inner workings of a very structured plan.  It is a huge amount of work and a huge amount of stress and responsibility.  We’re getting there and it is paying off. I am proud to bring integrity, experience, knowledge, and professionalism to my field and my community.

If you’ve received this in your email – chances are I’ve been blessed to work with you in the past or perhaps call you family, friend, or all of the above. Thank you for making my life full of blessings. A special thanks to my family; Don, Cass, Rave, & Ruben for all your support this last year. It has been tiring, it has been fulfilling, and I know it is just the beginning to a great year!

The new year has begun with a bang – 4 purchase agreements just today! I would love to assist you or a family member, or friend you may have who is in need of a Realtor or a referral. As always, feel free to give me a call at 989-475-2958 or email me today! Many blessings to you and yours this coming year! God bless. 🙂