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Monique’s 2021 Thoughts: If Only I’d Kept My Pants

Just when we thought the world couldn’t get any stranger, back in 2020, along came 2021. There are many topics I could comment on; but as your local Real Estate expert, I’m going to keep it along that road. 

Next month we will have our annual statistics for a year-end review in the real estate world for our local communities. But today I’m sharing my insights on observations of some interesting interior decor changes. 

Have you ever caught yourself saying; “If I’d kept my pants from 20 years ago (or if they still fit) I’d be right in style”? 2021 has been a year of this. Actually, toward the end of the year, I could even say, “Hey, my grandma had an outfit just like that” when browsing in a store.  It began last year with all the high-waisted denims just like I wore in high school in the 1980’s and is moving toward the wild crazy patterns and colors I remember both my grandmother, and her curtains, wearing.

Well, it isn’t just the fashion industry that is seeing the trend toward the 60’s and 70’s. The real estate world is too. What started with a term called “Boho” is  now turning into “Granny Chic” yup, you read that right. Boho is a trend toward integrating a lot of natural materials into your decor; things like baskets, earthy rugs, and eclectic patterns, textures, and color. It is a carefree style that defies the typical structure in decor.

Take it a step further and you land at Granny-Chic. The “hated” word “wallpaper” from the last ten years is making a huge comeback. Accent walls of paint are now being replaced with textured floral wallpaper that reminds us of our granny’s home in the 70’s. Even the earthy yellow-golds, greens, browns are making a come-back. 
Looking at all the major players who choose “color of the year” the majority of them are using some shade of green.They say its due to Covid and people wanting a closer feel with nature.  There is however, a rebel in the group though who has selected Veri Peri, which is a deep periwinkle.

I don’t know what your thoughts are, but maybe if you have an older home and haven’t updated in 40 years – you’re in luck! Ok, I’m kidding, though some of the younger generations are really thinking what we used to call vintage, now deeming granny chic, is cool. 

Our Great Lakes Bay market tends to run quite behind what is happening in the bigger cities. I think in this case, I’m somewhat thankful of that. I’m happy to leave the greens/golds/browns and floral patterns of gram’s clothing and curtains in my fond childhood memories. 

There is another style that is also trending that seems to be quite the opposite of granny chic and it is pretty industrial. It focuses on also using a lot of natural sources, but more along the lines of wood and metal. I am seeing more of this in our area than I am the granny chic; at least when it comes to new construction home decor. There are still many many homes I go into daily that would qualify as granny chic, that have been there since they were first popular 40-50 years ago. I don’t recommend being in style because you’ve not done an update in 50 years. 🙂 

On that note; If you’re not looking to sell in the near future, I’m a big believer in making your home a sanctuary, decorated to your tastes and what makes you feel safe and joyful. That’s something different for everyone. I don’t change up my style based on what is trending, but what makes me happy. That seems to be a trend in itself – there’s a lot of anything goes right now.

Have a great 2022!! Wishing you the very best upcoming year. May you recognize your blessings amidst the trials, and find time to focus on yourself and family, while also reaching out to those in need around you. And of course, if you’re looking to buy or sell #ThinkTeamMatchmaker

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An Historic Dream Home

Stress melted away and time seemed to stop as my car rolled up the driveway of 320 Front St. in Chesaning, Michigan. Ever have that sensation when visiting a place? I have never featured a listing on my blog; who knows, I may never again. But this particular home just isn’t your ordinary place. It will be purchased as much for the ambiance, the history, as for the space I’m sure.

Before I even completed my turn through the circle drive I had already imagined myself sitting in a wicker chair on the giant front porch of this Italianate styled home, sipping a lemonade. By the time I opened my car door, I could see me strolling through the rolling treed lawn and down to the riverfront to plop down on a log and throw out my fishing line. Ok, so maybe I would’ve brought a camp chair, but my visions were of something like Laura and Pa on Little House 

Upon entrance and even view of the home; all visions of Little House certainly vanished. I became lost in a world of wonder as my eyes feasted on the beautiful combination of history and the utilization of modernity. The owners, Bill and Pat Boyd, who have owned the home since 2000 gave me a delightful tour with several historical tidbits for each room. Original 1865 light fixtures hang in the dining room and parlor. The staircase spirals up four floors to the glassed in cupola. I just wanted to run my hands up the original ornately carved oak banister, round and round.  I happened upon a spot on the main floor that when positioned just so; you can look directly up to the sky and it appears like a perfect little circle above. From the elegant dining area you can go back toward the parlor and find french doors to the back deck and pool. Even the main floor bath here is an attraction, with its antique tub and copper plumbing rising up to a shower head. This home can even boast having had the first bathtub in the entire village!

The living room is incredible, with three sets of french doors, columns, and one of the homes six fireplaces. I could write an entire review just of the fireplaces in this home. Some are ornately carved oak with great mantles and others are swirling marble.  The entire atmosphere is calming and peaceful. I could see all the space for servants to scurry around in the giant kitchen with storage and counterspace in abundance. The kitchen is conveniently updated but true to the historical character.

I could go on and on about each level. The second floor which holds the master suite with it’s romantic fireplace and magnificent bath; the former maid’s quarters that are now a fabulous second suite, the other two bedrooms, one with fireplace as well; the total of three baths on the second floor.  Climb the spiral one more level and you can open a curious door to the third level which is unfinished storage room, and the last leg of that circular journey will seat you in the 360 degree view cupola, complete with seating and a tea table. The view is magnificent, overlooking the acreage, the historic village, and river. I can only imagine what you could see during the 4th of July fireworks show!

So, if you’re looking for a wonderful piece of history; a piece of history begun by the Robert H. Nason & Susan O’Dell family in 1865, this original near 4000 sqft masterpiece with nearly 5 acres, may be for you. Feel free to click the link below to see the complete listing. Or call me for your private showing at 989-475-2958.